The Perfect Gift…

If you are stumped for getting that special someone the perfect gift, consider the gift of flight!

A gift of flight is a unique, exciting experience that lasts a lifetime.  But a gift of flight from me is also a great value.  You not only get an hour of actual flying, but I also make this a complete learning experience.  I cover simple aerodynamics, flight controls, preflight walkaround, and so much more.  I include all time spent on the ground reviewing the facets of our flight, which can be as short as a half hour, or as much as 1 hour or even more.  I will take as much time as desired.  Also included is a logbook in which I will enter the flight description from the day, and sign to make it official in the eyes of the FAA.

If you would like to purchase a gift certificate for a gift of flight, they are available for $135 per hour of flight.  Please contact me, or select the amount of flight time you would like, and click on the link to purchase through paypal and buy a gift certificate online!

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