N5605J is a 1980 Cessna 172 model N.    The 160 horsepower lycoming engine runs very smooth, and cold starts every time with 3 shots of primer.  05J has a very wide normal operating range of 44 knots to 127, and a 33 knot stall speed in the landing configuration (Vso).


43 gallons of fuel total (40 of which is usable) and an average 7gal/hour fuel burn gives us almost 6 hours of available fuel.

She’s fitted with IFR approved avionics, including an Apollo SL10 4-way intercom, and an Apollo GX60 GPS with moving map display.


For more information on the 1980 C-172N, sample manuals and checklists for download can be found on the sidebar titled “N5605J Specs”

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