The most important thing in aviation…

So what is the most important “thing” in aviation? Is it knowing the regs? Reading METARS in their native format? Or could it be landing right on the numbers? Maybe flying the perfect lazy-8? There are so many important “things”.

I say the most important thing in aviation is good judgement. This is the single most important thing that I teach, and I try to mention the importance of good judgement during every lesson.

AOPA’s Air Safety Foundation posted an Accident Case Study which highlights how important good judgement is in aviation.

Like most tragic case studies, this video is very difficult to watch. In my opinion however, I think it is a video that every pilot should watch. The lessons contained in this video should be etched in the mind of every pilot as a reminder of why good judgement is the most important thing in aviation.

The video can be watched at the AOPA Air Safety Institute website here:

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